Slow Living

Slow living is the basic vision of Renske Herder and it’s also the vision she has for Color Cookie. Instead of making conscious decisions, we find ourselves on auto-pilot and consuming without really reflecting on the impact of our choices. Slow living is about removing yourself from the quickened pace of daily life to make conscious decisions. In the environmental sphere, this means replacing the idea that “you don’t have time”, with “living with intent” by planning ahead to be able to consume in a more sustainable way. With Color Cookie Renske wants to provide a good, but also beautiful and cheerful option for the conscious consumer. 


A guaranteed way to reduce the fashion and textile industry’s impact is to avoid buying new stuff in the first place. This is the reason we use second hand fabric to make complete new items and also in our organic cotton clutches there’s always a repurposed lining fabric. Old curtains already became new T-shirts and new zipper pouches. We also sell vintage in our shop because there’s so much beauty that’s already out there.


Once clothing becomes tired and hole-ridden, don’t rush straight to the bin: try mending instead. Call a local clothing repairer or  join us making entirely obvious and colourful hand-sewn repairs. Mending is an opportunity to make your clothes even better than new by adding love and attention to it. Mending is also a very good way to slow down and relax the mind. We like to inspire people to repair things and to make people see the beauty of repaired items. 

Digital Printing

For some items we use Digital Printing on organic fabric. Digital Printing companies print pigment ink directly onto fabric using heat and pressure. This means no water and no wasted ink. The companies printing for us also ensure all inks and dyes are manufactured by suppliers using Oeko-Tex approved chemicals and colourants. 

Hand made

Our items are handmade in The Netherlands. Some of the items are even stitched by hand to give that unique look to items.