Utilizing painting, drawing and printmaking techniques, my work examines the universal and most elemental expression of the human spirit. I like to work with rustic and natural materials like unprepared linen, handmade paper, oil pastel, oil stick and oil paint. 

In my paintings I’m expressing my feelings about the universe, living a simple life and love. The love for being alive, being on this planet, being surrounded by many interesting people. I’m inspired by ancient art, primitive art, folk art and textiles. Other things that interest me are the basic almost childish creative activities like stacking stones, drawing in the sand with a stick or decorating surfaces. The viewer of my artwork will recognize something universal, something that may be hidden in the core of his or her being. Considering my interests and influences it may be no surprise that the artist I most admire is Joan Miro. 

A starting point of my process can often be the material itself, like linen a piece of wood or handmade paper. The pure linen inspires me to keep the work simple and to investigate the possibilities of the combination of materials. I often start with making marks and expressive gestures with oil pastel or oil stick to rub it out later or wash it into the fabric or paper with a thinner. My goal is to find the essence of the artwork without removing the poetry and without removing the joy and energy of the process of making. 

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