Renske Herder 

Renske Herder is an artist and designer, born in Leeuwarden (1986) in The Netherlands. Renske works on various projects in the field of art, textile design and surface design. 

As a child Renske always liked to cut and draw in magazines and it is still something that is the basis of the art she is making. Allthough Renske has explored many fields of art, like painting realistic, painting abstract and printmaking the work related to fashion (textile), illustration and art seems to be something  she always returns to. 

Renske is a graduated Master of Science in the field of product design (2011). Although Renske studied product design the drawing and painting classes always had her biggest interest in school. In the years 2012/2013 she lived on the Caribbean island Bonaire where she started off her career as an artist and had her first solo art show. The simple life on this small island provided time and peace to start painting.

Back in The Netherlands Renske followed more painting classes and gradually developed her own artistic style. In 2018, the year she became a mother, she started her label Color Cookie with handmade textile products featuring her own designs. Her interest in textile and surface design is something that influences her artwork. Renske currently lives in the old beautiful harbor town Harlingen in The Netherlands where she has a small art studio at home. She likes to go for a bike rides or a walk along the beach to get in the right mood for a day of creating art in her studio. O




2019: kunstroute Harlingen

2019 : 'Voor mijn tijd', Museum Heerenveen, De Pronkkeamer, duo 

2018 : KEIK Harlingen (1st price, jury price) 

2013 : Solo, the art of kiteboarding, Kralendijk, Bonaire






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